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          Service field
          Our Services
          Our Services

          Improve the companys service organization, service fast, 24-hour professional maintenance, timely resolution of difficult customer problems.

          • Professional Maintenance
          • Installation Services
          • Cleaning and maintenance
          • Transport Services
          • Demolition and reconstruction
          • Asset Management
          • ...
          Menu Services


          • Corollary Equipment
          • Value-added service
          • Intelligent service
          VIP special services

          Provide exclusive VIP service to provide higher quality services for your work and life.

          • National wide service stations
          • Customized services
          • New product priority use
          • Providing financial services: asset buyback , guarantee service
          • Priority enter service
          • Dedicated customer care plan
          • Dedicated account manager
          Service Guarantees


          • Professional Team
          • Quality Assurance
          • Service Network
          • Service Hotline