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          Product technology
          Temporary Construction Module
          Standard Product
          • Front view
          • Top view
          Design Features
          • Fire ratinggrade
            Fire rating
          • Design lifespanyears
            Design lifespan
          • Seismic fortification intensitydegree
            Seismic fortification intensity
          • Heat preservation performanceside
            Heat preservation performance
          • Wind loadinglevel
            Wind loading
          • Stacked layerslayers
            Stacked layers
          • Layout formsflexible
            Layout forms
          • Impression Drawing
          • Impression Drawing
          • Impression Drawing
          • Impression Drawing
          • Impression Drawing
          • Impression Drawing
          Standard module technical parameters
          Standard module technical parameters

          External size(L×W×H)

          6055mm×2435mm×2896mm / 6055mm×2990mm×2896mm

          Internal size(L×W×H)

          5840mm×2225mm×2540mm / 5840mm×2780mm×2540mm
          Structure Main materials Galvanized floor frame beam thickness 4mm;Galvanized roof frame beam thickness 4mm;Galvanized column thickness 3mm; Zinc plated 100g/m²
          Connection M12×40 high strength bolt,galvanized corner fittings
          Surface treatment White paint fits for galvanized structure craft
          Wallboard Glass cottono material
          Color steel composite plate thickness=75mm color steel plate thickness:0.5mm,galvanized quantity=30g/m²; glass cotton unit weight=64kg/m³
          House surface External surface Metal house surface thickness=0.7mm ,double side galvanized 80g/m²
          Heat preservation material Glass cotton thickness=100mm,unti weight=14kg/m³
          Condole top Color steel single plate=0.5mm
          Floor Ground panel Color steel single plate=0.3mm
          Heat preservation material Glass cotton thickness=100mm,unit weight=14kg/m²
          Structural slab Floor slab thickness=19mm
          Ground  processing Environmental robber floor, thickness=2mm
          Comfort technology Moisture proof and breathable membrane
          Door External door Steel door ,size=W850mm×H2000mm,with key and door stop
          Window PVC frame
          Double glass window, size:w650mm*H1100mm 9(front),W1500*H1100
          mm(back);Double layer vacuum glass)
          Decorate Interior angle Caigang pressure type thickness 0.7mm
          Electrical lights LED light 2 sets, 28W*2
          socket 3 Normal 5-hole socket, 1 air-conditioner socket
          switch 1
          Distribution Box1 1
          Industrial Plug 3P32A
          Forklift hole standard 2個


          Built-in equipment
          Light LED energy saving lights
          Condole top Integrated condole top, tidy and flat
          Net height Internal net height could reach 2540mm, spacious
          Circuit network
          Wifi, telephone, power supply, switch gathering point, good looking wall and user friendly.
          PVC rubber floor, slippery prevented and environmental


          • meeting room
          • single room office
          • joint office
          • joint office for more people
          • joint office
          • meeting room
          • joint office for more people
          • single room office
          • meeting room
          • single room office
          • joint office
          • joint office for more people
          Application Scene
          • bathroom for 1 person
          • bathroom for 2 person
          • Single module 2-person office
          • Single module 4-person office
          • Single module 2 persons
          • Single module 3 persons
          • Single module 4 persons
          • Single module 1-person office
          • Multi-module conference room
          • 2 modules 6 stations
          • 2 modules 8 stations
          • 2 modules 10 stations
          • canteen
          • kitchen
          • Terrace
          • lavatory
          • en平開窗
          • 內倒窗
          • 卷簾窗
          • 落地窗
          • 閉門器
          • 鋁合金雙開門
          • 空調支架
          • 防盜門
          • 側開門
          • 走廊模塊
          • 內置樓梯
          • 外置樓梯
          Door and window Window size W650mm×H500mm,W800mm×H500mm
          Window open mode mode Flat open, flat on the inside down, on the hanging, fixed fan
          burglar mesh Aluminum alloy spray paint
          big Glass windows Aluminum alloy double glass hollow toughened glas
          big glass door Aluminum alloy double glass hollow toughened glass
          Rainshed Plank L3000×W1210
          External Corridor Passage plank W1195×L3000
          handrail C3000×H1100
          2 layers C180×5380
          3 layers C180×2907